Fleet of vehicles and drilling equipment

Mobile crawler drilling rigs HYDX-4, HYDX-5A (2011, 2012) – 4 units

The design of our machines facilitates transportation, assembly and disassembly in remote mountain areas; their full hydraulic concept includes all the functions and operations that predominate in the new models around the world, contributing to high rates of productivity.

Main parameters:

  • travel speed over rough mountain terrain with slope angles up to 30 degrees – 5 km/h
  • drilling angle – 45 to 90 degrees
  • maximum depth of NQ drilling (76 mm) – 1300 m
  • average time for assembly/disassembly of the rig and process tanks at each drilling pad – 1-2 hours
  • average drilling capacity – 40-60 m per day

Drilling rigs HXY-42Т (2007, 2008) – 4 units

Intend for surface and underground drilling, equipped with GFX mobile diesel generators -100 kW.

Main parameters:

  • maximum depth of HQ drilling (93 mm) – 500 m
  • drilling angle – 0 to 360 degrees
  • average rate of penetration while drilling horizontal and sub-horizontal holes – 25-30 m per day
  • average time for assembly/disassembly of the rig and process tanks at each drilling pad – 2-3 hours


  • Doosan S255LC-V with 1.3 cubic meter bucket and hydraulic hammer RHB-325 (used to loosen rocky soils of V-XII category in mountains during the construction of technological roads and drilling pads, instead of blasting operations)
  • Doosan DX340LCA with 2.0 cubic meter bucket and hydraulic hammer Profbreaker PB360S
  • Hyundai R380LC-9S with 2.0 cubic meter bucket
  • Hyundai R520LC-9S with 3.2 cubic meter bucket

The application of an excavator with hydraulic hammer together with a bulldozer enables the construction of roads and drilling pads without applying of expensive drilling and blasting works, is a more cost effective and safe method of rock destruction, with the performance 1.5 – 2 times higher than by drilling and blasting works for road construction in similar conditions.

Technological roads building techniques using an excavator with hydraulic hammer have successfully been used by our company at the mineral deposits of Kyrgyzstan, it is environment-friendly, does not require special permits from the authorities and is more secure (comparing with blasting operations).

Front loader Hyundai SL763, 3.0 cubic meter bucket capacity

Dump trucks HOWO Sinotruck,  25 ton lifting capacity – 10 units

Trailer for the transportation of mobile machinery with a tractor IVECO-MR440

Trailer with a tractor INTERNATIONAL-7600 (USA)

  • bulldozers T-170, B-10M – 4 units. Equipped with blades for rocky earth, hydraulic blade-tilting system, operating power – 180 hp, specific fuel consumption – 15 l/h, operating weight – 16570 kg
  • vehicles KAMAZ-4310 and KAMAZ-43118, URAL-4320, ZIL-131, PC carriers, trucks, water tank trucks, UAZ-39094, MMC Delica – a total of 24 units
  • mobile diesel generators: COHLER (USA) – 60 kW; China – 30, 75, 100 kW. Altogether – 10 units
  • drill pipes and drilling tools are trademarks of Boart Longyear, Atlas Copco, Fordia and Geotec
  • measuring equipment for directional survey of drill holes: REFLEX EZ-Shot, Sweden – 3 units; core orientation tools Reflex ACT III
  • mining equipment
  • other machinery, support and measuring equipment